Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bigger & Bigger They Grow!

The boys are now 5 weeks & 2 days old! 

They have grown so big already!! Taylor weighs 7lbs 12oz, and Shane weighs 7lbs 2oz!  It's amazing how fast time keeps flying by. It feels like yesterday I was just holding them for the first time. They are so much more alert now, and starting to really become attached to us!

They are very opinionated tho, which is not always good! I tried taking their halloween photo's the other day, and they did not turn out well at all. Out of all of the photo's, only two came out decent. Taylor was rebelling so much, and literally standing in the pumpkin! 

The only 2 good pictures of the day:

This is the basic's of how ALL the rest of them turned out just like:

Therefore since my boys would not work with me this day, I am determined to try it one more time!! Will post how it goes if it goes!! Hopefully it goes well <3

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Three Weeks Today

The boys are 3 weeks old today! 

So far everything's been going great, they are gaining weight and growing big and strong! Their temperatures have not been a problem since our last incident after a day of being home.

They are such angels for us!! They sleep all the time, almost already sleeping through the night!! They normally only wake up once to eat around 4-5am. It is great, they are perfect little boys!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Bump In The Road....

We had our first night home as a family on friday night!!

Lots of our friends and family came over to see the boys and welcome us all home. It was good to see our friends there and spending time with us and our boys since most other 19-20 year olds normally wouldn't want to spend their friday nights inside with babies.

After everyone left, we got the boys all ready for bed and we went to bed ourselves as well. The boys woke up every 3 hours to eat on the dot, which we were expecting; so we were prepared. 

The next morning we had a visiting nurse come out to check the boys vital signs since Shane was slightly jaundice when we left the hospital friday morning. We had bundled up the boys and put them in their bouncers so we could gather up everything needed for the visit and clean up a little from the night before. Everything was going well during the visit until she took their temperatures. They both had really low temperatures, and the visiting nurse was slightly worried... She layered them both in 2-3 outfits then swaddled them in 2-3 blankets each to try to bring up their temperatures. She told us to keep them wrapped for about an hour and then take their temperatures and call the doctor to give them a heads up as to if anything had changed.

When we took their temperatures, they had raised slightly, but weren't much better. Shane's was registering at 94.4, and Taylor's registered at 95.6.

When we told their pediatric doctor she advised us to take them over to the hospital to be checked out. So we did, and it turned out to be a lot more than we thought it was. Both boys were really cold internally, and needed to be warmed up quickly. The doctor on call at the hospital thought that maybe they might have a bacterial infection, and they wanted to do something about it immediately.

They needed to give both boys a spinal and get fluids & blood drawn; along with x-rays and all other types of procedures. It scared the life out of Jamie and I, and instantly brought us to tears. We couldn't stay in the room and watch them do anything, but we couldn't bare to leave them without someone they knew. Therefore Jamie's mom (G) volunteered to stay with them so we didn't have to be heartbroken watching them get everything done to them. -- I was so thankful for this because I know there was NO way I could watch my four day old babies get spinals and everything.-- Jamie and I went out to the car, and both instantly broke down in tears. It was scary for us, and they are so precious, little and innocent! But then after taking a few moments to let it all out, we both came to the realization that at least it was caught early before something even worse happened....

While all of this was going on, I hadn't realized that I was neglecting taking care of myself - including not taking my pain meds (for pain from c-section), or eating or drinking anything the whole time we were there. I started feeling very exhausted and faint, and all the nurses were telling me that I looked extremely pale and should go and get checked out. So I did, and after a couple hours of tests and waiting around - they came to the conclusion that my hemoglobin was really low. So they prescribed me to iron and sent me on my way to go up with Jamie, his mom & the boys.

When I got upstairs I said hello to the boys.
They were in warmers and doing really great, but had to stay over night - we even got to sleep in their room overnight and everything. Then by the morning, they decided to take both the boys off of the warmers and see if they could keep their temperatures up on their own.

It's now 10:18 pm and they have been off the monitors all day, and so far they have been keeping their temperatures up on their own!! We have to stay over night again, so the boys can be monitored - just to be sure their temperatures don't just plummet back down again - (which is what's best) - Hopefully by tomorrow things will still be good and dandy, and we can bring the boys home <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Sept 13th, 2011

W E   H A D   O U R   T W I N S  < 3

Turns out that on Monday night, they felt it was necessary to make their way into the world early! I started having really bad contractions in my back (well thought they were just back pains). Then when I started having contractions in the front, Jamie made me call my doctor. And they told me just to come in. Within an hour of me being there- they decided they were just going to deliver them that night. I called my mom and dad to come down to the hospital and be there for after they were born. (Jamie's mom was already there). 

We ended up having the boys, not too long after everyone had gotten there, by c-section where I was put under general anesthesia. Jamie wasn't allowed in the room while the c section was going on; but immediately after they allowed him to come in the room and hold and see the boys.

Baby A - (Taylor)
-Born at 1:15 Am
-Weighed 6lbs, 4oz
-20 Inches Long

Baby B - (Shane)
-Born at 1:16 Am
-Weighed 5lbs, 1oz 
-19 Inches Long

They were both GREAT weights for twins, and were extremely healthy! Shane ended up being put onto a bilirubin to monitor his jaundice (which was low to begin with). But nothing was changing; so they took it off of him and said everything was fine & dandy!!

Mommy & The Boys - Day 1 
All of us - As Family - Day 3

Last night we had to bring in the one car seat so that Shane could undergo the car-seat challenge - which is when they test them in the car seat for an hour or so, and make sure they are breathing correctly ! HE PASSED HIS TEST <33 Therefore - we got to go home this morning ! It was amazing being able to go home all together as a family, especially 4 days later! But I am so glad we did. It's so much better in our own environment with all of our own items & supplies. So this morning, we got EVERYTHING packed and jamie took it all to the car. And all that was left was the boys. So we put them into their take home outfits, and got them all packed away in their car seats. 

After being put into their seats and signing all the necessary paper work for discharge, we looked back over at them and saw that this was how they were BOTH looking. Right hand on binky, faces facing their right side, and have their feet all curled up..... 

It was the cutest thing I have seen in awhile... 
They really are twins <3

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dr's Decision!!!

Yesterday I hit 37 weeks!

Then today, I had a doctor's appointment and my doctor told me that he is slightly concerned of the fact that baby a was measured at 5lbs, and baby b was only measured at 4.25lbs. He isn't sure if baby b is getting enough nutrients or not, and he doesn't want something to happen over a week... Therefore, we will be expecting our little bambino's a whole week early!!


Thursday, September 8, 2011

36 Weeks, 4 Days!

I never would have thought I would make it this far!! I was tiny before hand, and didn't expect my body to be able to handle carrying for two! 

Before Pregnancy: 

36 Weeks Pregnant: 

It's scary to imagine that I still have two more weeks until induction date 
(UNLESS they come early on their own). 
I don't think my poor little belly can stretch anymore !!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Dr. Makes A Final Decison

Over the holiday weekend, I honestly thought these boys were going to make their arrival into this world! I was in so much pain, and my stomach was EXTREMELY tight and uncomfortable! I called my doctor, and he said it was just them growing and moving; most likely running out of room... So I just took it easy and relaxed.

Our date for induction is still September 21st!
Uunless they actually decide to make their arrival a little earlier!!

Then we had a doctors appointment today for our 1/2 weekly non stress tests. Everything went well, and actually better than normal. I only had a few contractions (which I couldn't feel like normal), when normally I have a good 20-30! And then my doctor came in and told me that my medicine for low platelets wasn't working to raise my platelet count and I could stop taking them. But since I have now stopped taking them - my doctor told me that for the birth, I will need to be sedated with general anesthesia. Which we are actually slightly excited about! Everyone keeps telling me about c-sections; and they seem slightly scary.. And since I have never ONCE had any type of surgery / operations the though of being cut open scares me a lot, so not being conscious will make it a little better for me!