Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Pregnancy & How It All Started...

When we first found out we were expecting, I felt like complete crap and it was seeming much worse than others had described their pregnancy's. My boyfriend kept telling me - how cool would it be if we had twins!! And i was always like yeah yeah, that's not common it will never happen........

Well we had our first appointment on February 28th, and unfortunately my boyfriend Jamie couldn't be there because he was in school. My friend Krystal came with me tho, so I wasn't by myself!  As soon as the ultra sound tech touched my stomach - I saw two sacs and was completely in awe! I never expected to have TWO in there! I called Jamie once I left the office, and he couldn't believe it either! We were both so thrown off by this news! We felt, and still feel blessed to be having twins!!!

First Ultra Sound At 9 Weeks

For a the next couple weeks, I was still in shock... Not only could we have a boy or a girl... we could now have two girls, two boys, or a boy & a girl !! There was so much to think about, like the names we both liked, and everything!! We had lots of names picked out in pairs so we would be pepared when we found out the sexes. But I knew in the back of my head that it wouldn't become "real" to me until we actually found out their sexes!

Our Original Choices For Names Were:
Two Boys:  Liam Jacob & Logan James
Two Girls: Emma Rose & Aslynn Marie
Girl & Boy: Aslynn Marie & Liam Jacob

In the mean time while impatiently waiting for our scan date to come, we got our first batch of maternity photo's done by Lauren Marie Photography even tho I was only about 18 weeks at the time!

A few weeks later down the road; we tried to find out their sexes a couple times, and they were not cooperating with any of the ultra sound techs unfortunately!! And then on May 12th, 2011 - We finally found out that they were both boys<3

Ultra Sound - Sexes Are Revealed!

19 Weeks, 5 Days!

Once we found out their sexes, we went right over to Babies R' Us and registered for our shower!! Most people tell me how much they hated registering, but I personally LOVED every moment of it.

We both realized we really weren't too keen on the boy names we originally choose anymore, so now it was time for us to start choosing two new names for our two little boys! And it wasn't an easy job! 
Let me just mention that agreeing on two names is so much harder than agreeing on one :(
But we eventually went with Taylor James & Shane Michael <3
27 Weeks, 5 Days!
Baby A - Taylor
Baby B - Shane

My baby shower that was planned by my MIL & Mother was approaching quickly, and I had been waiting weeks and weeks for this day to finally come!!! I had Jamie and my dad set up the cribs the day before of the shower, so that we could start setting it all up after the shower during the week.

My Dad & Jamie Setting Up The First Crib
Both Cribs Set Up !
After they had the cribs set up, it was time for Jamie and I to go get our second batch of maternity pictures done by Lauren Marie Photography as well !

My baby shower was held at my SIL's house the next day on July 10th and was a lot of fun! By this point, I was already 28 weeks :D And we were both SO thankful for everyone's company and all the gifts we received!

Sam, Me & Krystal

Jamie & I

Mom & I
Dad & I
Grandmom & I
Once I hit 28 weeks, I went from having an appointment once ever 4 weeks at my doctors, and once every alternative 4 weeks at growth doctors - to having appointments twice a week at doctors, and still once every 4 weeks at growth ! I started receiving NST's (non stress test's) at my weekly appointments. and turns out I was having contractions during even NST, but my doctors were not concerned because I could not feel them so far... but then around 32 weeks - I had started feeling the contractions the morning of my appointment :(

They ended up sending over to L&D to be monitored after being checked for dilation, because they said I was 1 cm dilated already and my contractions were consistent and about 5 minutes apart from each other. They hooked me up to fluids & machines to keep track of my contractions & the boys' heartbeats. They gave me steroid shots (just encase I were to deliver early - to help their lungs develop a little more) and put me on medicine to stop the contractions and three hours after being there and on medication, my contractions were still kicking but now were 1 1/2 minutes apart, and I had now dilated to 3cm. 

My doctor told me if they couldn't stop the contractions by morning - I might have to deliver them :/ 
I was really worried, because we want them to grow bigger and stronger so when they are born they are as healthy as can be! On top of that, we were in the process of moving - so we hadn't finished moving everything to the new place - nore set up any of their stuff! But, thankfully after staying in the hospital from Thursday - Sunday; they had stopped the contractions and i was able to go home. 
Unfortunately i was put on "strict bed rest" tho !

32 Weeks, Before Leaving Hospital

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