Friday, September 16, 2011

Sept 13th, 2011

W E   H A D   O U R   T W I N S  < 3

Turns out that on Monday night, they felt it was necessary to make their way into the world early! I started having really bad contractions in my back (well thought they were just back pains). Then when I started having contractions in the front, Jamie made me call my doctor. And they told me just to come in. Within an hour of me being there- they decided they were just going to deliver them that night. I called my mom and dad to come down to the hospital and be there for after they were born. (Jamie's mom was already there). 

We ended up having the boys, not too long after everyone had gotten there, by c-section where I was put under general anesthesia. Jamie wasn't allowed in the room while the c section was going on; but immediately after they allowed him to come in the room and hold and see the boys.

Baby A - (Taylor)
-Born at 1:15 Am
-Weighed 6lbs, 4oz
-20 Inches Long

Baby B - (Shane)
-Born at 1:16 Am
-Weighed 5lbs, 1oz 
-19 Inches Long

They were both GREAT weights for twins, and were extremely healthy! Shane ended up being put onto a bilirubin to monitor his jaundice (which was low to begin with). But nothing was changing; so they took it off of him and said everything was fine & dandy!!

Mommy & The Boys - Day 1 
All of us - As Family - Day 3

Last night we had to bring in the one car seat so that Shane could undergo the car-seat challenge - which is when they test them in the car seat for an hour or so, and make sure they are breathing correctly ! HE PASSED HIS TEST <33 Therefore - we got to go home this morning ! It was amazing being able to go home all together as a family, especially 4 days later! But I am so glad we did. It's so much better in our own environment with all of our own items & supplies. So this morning, we got EVERYTHING packed and jamie took it all to the car. And all that was left was the boys. So we put them into their take home outfits, and got them all packed away in their car seats. 

After being put into their seats and signing all the necessary paper work for discharge, we looked back over at them and saw that this was how they were BOTH looking. Right hand on binky, faces facing their right side, and have their feet all curled up..... 

It was the cutest thing I have seen in awhile... 
They really are twins <3

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